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L’amour est pour les amoureux

Hi guys,

With a 100% certified summer day I felt so inspired and I wanted to create an outfit that will rock your world :). Well, I don’t know if I succeeded, but you have to give some credits that it is indeed an awesome mix. I have the lovely kimono from LUCLUC store, which is totally what I needed as my center piece, not to mention that kimonos are hot this season. A plain pair of shorts from  Bershka, lace top and sandals from Zara, Chicwish sunglasses and TOMPOP purse 

I think it’s a really well thought look. Just check it out :

What I wore:

– LUCLUC kimono ( find it here)

– Zara shoes and lace top

– Chicwish sunnies ( find them here)

– Tomtop purse ( find it here)

– Urban Outfitters jewellery 

Sorry for the big amount of photos, but they turned out so nice ❤

What’s your favorite piece?

Thank you for visiting my blog and I welcome you again!

See ya tomorrow 🙂




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