Killing me for mercy

Hello sweeties,

The new week has started and I don’t know about you, but I will be super busy – new projects, my usual work, the blog, redecorating the new place in Romania… I barely have time for myself. So my latest outfits are more casual, comfortable…I seem to have lost track of high heels and the dressy type of looks for normal days. Just yesterday I’ve put on a dress. It feels like an eternity ! I can’t wait to show you that look too, but until then, here’s a very comfortable look featuring my cute blouse from NewDress, Asos ripped jeans, a synthetic leather with fake-fur collar vest from Wholesalebuying, matched up with my Dresslink laced boots (that you should pick a size up when buying- fyi). 

Also, I know it’s kinda tacky having a Moschino phone case without it being from Moschino, but I really loved the cute design and although I’m against fake stuff, I still wanted it because it’s so beautiful ! It comes from Tinydeal and say whatever you want, I still like it and I’m still “wearing” it :).

I love big brands as well as the little ones. ^^