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It’s so wrong

Hi sweeties,

I’m thinking about starting the week on a good vibe, even though I’m very disappointed in a lot of things lately. A package of mine is marked as “delivered” by bpost ( the Belgian post ), but I did not receive anything. The things inside? Well, quite expensive…and not to mention dear to my heart as I was eager to receive them… At least this delivery service is not like the one in France where I heard the postmen open the packages to see what’s inside and if it’s something interesting, they keep it.

Hopefully that did not happen to me and that I’ll be able to get my package back.. but the delivery services in Belgium suck big time !

Another thing I’m disappointed in are these Jacquemus shoes.. I love them a lot ! They’re so comfy and great that I was totally sickened to see that each time I walk, I will scratch the heel. Now I wore them first time just for the photo in my other post so I didn’t walk that much ( just from the car to the photo spot and back). But now I had walked a bit more and it’s a disgrace to see such an expensive pair of shoes gone down the drain after one “official” wear. The problem? The heels are super thick so when you walk, like a normal person, obviously they touch and in this process of always stumbling into each other, a heel of mine got really scratched ! So my first experience with Jacquemus was, sadly, a bad one… 😦 – I contacted customer service, so let’s see what they will say…

Not that positive to start a new week, huh?

Well, at least my outfit is a cool one !

What I wore:

– Zara hat

– Bag from the thrift store

Oh, and if you’re wondering, I also had to cancel my trip to Copenhagen… too much work to do, too little time :(.

But I’m planning some awesome trips for summer so stay tuned !




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