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It’s my Bday….next month!

Hi guys,

So as you already may know, my birthday is coming up next month and I know that for my friends and family that may seem a little difficult because they always have trouble picking me the perfect present ( yes, I am that picky !). That’s why I thought, on an unofficial note, to give them some help in finding something worth while.

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon some very Unique Birthday Gift Ideas that you can find at UncommonGoods. If you haven’t heard about UncommonGoods, then let me enlighten you ! They offer quite a selection of gift ideas for all event types, like birthdays, anniversary, Mother’s Day, personalized gifts  , bridal shower gifts, etc. I totally adore a place that you can get affordable, quality made and not to mention eco-friendly pieces for your loved ones. Also, they run a charity program where you can donate 1$ at checkout to non-profit organisations 🙂

But enough about that 😄, here’s my wish-list, boys and girls ! 

– Birthstone wishing balls  never seen one, but so interested in having one lol

– Aromatherapy shower kit  – you know I love my showers hahahaha 

– Kaleidoscope necklace – I’m simply in love with this one OMG 😍

It reminds me of when I was little and I use to have this plastic kaleidoscope things to look into lol.

Really love all the pieces from their website, but if I were to choose top three, these would be it ! Their items are so unique and handmade too 🙂

So, waiting for my presents hahahaha !

Have a lovely day ahead!




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