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Is it bio?

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope your weekend is going great. Since I had a free hour on my hands this Sunday,  thought I should share with you a little article on a few favorite bio hair products that I have been using lately and with whom I’m very happy !

You can find all these goodies at Notino, so don’t hesitate to take a look 😉 .

First of all, I want to admit that one of my favorite bio brands of this sort is

Biolage. They have a lot of amazing products and I have also tried quite a few over the years. It never let me down. For me, the Biolage Advanced Fulldensity , density hair system treatment is fairly new, but you can see a difference from the very first application. I’m no stranger to hair density treatments, and this one is pretty neat if I must say .


The Biolage Essentials range has some pretty amazing shampoos and conditioners. I like best the ColorLast shampoo and the SmoothProof one. These two are for different hair needs, but they both nourish your scalp and clean your hair so you can have that shiny ad hair you wanted so badly.


This here oil is something I have been using for some years now and I apply it on my damp hair, before passing the hairdryer or before using the hair straightener. It really protects your hair and makes it smoother. That is how I use it 🙂


Looking for a cream that nourishes your hair ? If you got hair that breaks easily then the FIBERSTRONG INTRA-CYLANE FORTIFYING CREAM from Biolage Advanced range is a must have ! For better results, you can use it with the range’s shampoo and conditioner.  I have used it in the past and I can honestly say that it does wonders !


Different from the Biolage brand, I had also a crush on L’Oréal Professionnel ‘s Source Essentielle sesame oil and for that matter, basically all the products from Source Essentielle range that they put on the market awhile back. They are very good and I had the chance to test out a few of them. This one right here being my favorite for the way my hair was after using it. Shiny, nourished and soft.

So that concludes my little list on bio hair products that I have tested out and that I would truly recommend to you as well. It’s very important to know what products we are using for both hair and skin as they can be dangerous. Choose wisely and inform yourself before buying ! That’s my advice 🙂

Thank you for tuning in and I wish you all a good week !




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