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Hello sweeties,

It’s Friday! I bet most of you are super happy that the weekend is finally here. Well, I’m a bit tired and I just can’t wait to finish some stuff I have to do around the house and with my work cause I’m soooo behind with everything. So this weekend will be for me really busy with work mainly…

Other than that, I had some time today to put together an awesome look that I just know you’ll love !  

I’m wearing this beautiful dress from Romwe ( that will look so much better on a girl with bigger bust lol), mixed with my white sandals, and this purse I have from Palma de Mallorca ( since forever). Personally, I would have loved to have an actual Chanel bag to match the outfit, but it seems that that’s a dream for me now… They have some awesome styles at Shopbop, btw.

Anyway, here’s my little video and of course, the lovely pics:

What I wore:

– Zara sandals

– Bag from a store in Palma de Mallorca

Hope you guys like the look and hope to see you again tomorrow when I’ll be uploading a new #ootd as always 🙂




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