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In need of summer

Hello sweeties,

I know that being from Romania, everyone expects that I should resist to low temperatures, but that’s totally untrue! We have like a max of 15-17 degrees Celsius here in Brussels and it’s like super chilly for me outside. And this is going to sound crazy, but having some tan on always makes me more comfortable when wearing light clothes on this temperature, BUT I’m still so tired of this weather! Wish it would be more sunny and warm 😥 boooo Brussels! Why won’t you just get warmer? It’s almost June! 

Anyway, I totally went brave today and put on my cute floral jumpsuit from Romwe and accessorised it with…my lovely charm! Hahaha joking ! I added this gorgeous necklace from Style Moi that I find incredibly hot and will be one of my fave pieces this summer. I have some crazy hair on, real messy and blonde haha so off we go! 

What I wore:

– Romwe jumpsuit ( find it here)

– Zara handbag and sandals

– Style Moi necklace ( find it here)

So, what do you think? I know that many of you will be a bit restrained to wear a jumpsuit like this because of the whole baby dipper effect, but the thing is that it’s super cool for summer and not to mention light ^^

Thank you for reading the article, for the visit, for the support ! ❤




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