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In Bari

Hi guys,

I thought I should probably tell you all about my last trip to Bari, Italy. I always get carried away with  stuff and forget to actually do a blogpost on my trips. I think it’s quite nice to hear opinions from people who travel and maybe discover new places.

Now I may tend to do the article from a very personal point of view, so don’t be scared lol.

As you all probably know, I went there for my 27th birthday. I didn’t want to stay in a hotel, first off because they were so expensive and I didn’t see the reason why we should spend a lot of money over there because, let’s face it, it’s not an exotic island or something. For me, all the cites in Europe are nice, but a bit too pricey for what they have to offer, especially hors season.

I was very happy to find a really nice place via Airbnb, def nicer than one of the hotels I was looking at.

The celling art was amazing and I’m so happy to have discovered such a fab setting, so close to the city center and of course, close to the beach. You can always check Valeria’s listing here.

Even though it was November, we were in luck to catch 19C in temperature. A really nice weather compared to what was going on in Brussels.

We visited the city center with all its beautiful landmarks and just went by foot into the small streets around that give you the impression to be in an old Italian movie.

The Adriatic sea looks good even in late Fall.

Another pic from inside the building I was staying in.

I would suggest just walking around and discover rather than going where Google points you to. You cannot get lost.

Coming from Belgium, I strolled in stores like Stradivarius and of course, my fave, Sephora. We don’t have it here in Belgium, so I took advantage of some free hours to have a look at what Bari has to offer. The streets are nice and clean and you have tons of cafes around where you can stop and envoy a hot chocolate ( sorry, I don’t drink coffee 😀 )

Another fashionable find was the Tata shoe store. Really nice stuff for you fashionistas out there !

I also enjoyed a half an hour just laying in the beautiful sun ( ok, not from this pic obviously), in a parc nearby. I didn’t visit all of Bari, but I really am at the age where I want to really enjoy my vacation rather than do 1000 activities and come back home more tired than I left.

Italy remains one of my fave countries and I hope to visit it again.


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