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I’ll be waiting

Hello sweeties,

I cannot say that I love Mondays, but I can’t say that I hate them. My job makes me look forward to a new week because I never know what could happen, what great people I can meet, what job opportunities it brings. On the other side, I hate Mondays because all the bills seem to always pile up on this particular day; you always have errands to run, boring bank conversations, administrative stuff…bleach ! Now with the immigration crisis and all, the state doesn’t have enough money so they always poke people like you and me for different reasons – like parking tickets, or earlier check-ups ( for stores and restaurants). “Sure, the state treasury is empty from all that we stole and from the mistakes that we made – let’s rob the little people ! ” ..makes me sick that we didn’t evolve at all and we’re still ruled by idiots whose only purpose is to ruin the population ! 

But let’s not get to angry and “breathe” some fashion. Let the negativity out ! 

My outfit for today is a great mix between these super cute leggings from Style Moi, Mr.GUGU& Miss GO dollar sweater and… the rest you can check at the end of the article ! 😀

What I wore:

– Mr.GUGU& Miss GO sweater ( find it here)

– Style Moi leggings ( find them here)

– Bershka booties

– Forever 21 bag

– LiuJo coat

Well, hope you like the look :).

Furthermore, I have some very cool news. Remember the Silver Lab creations boutique (from where I had those awesome GOT inspired rings)? Well, my lovely readers, I have a special coupon for you in case you want to buy something from their store. Just add when RUXANDRA2015 checking out and see the magic happen 🙂


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