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I’d love to change the world

Hi guys,

We’re in the last days of this month…even though this year one extra day, it seems that it’s still not enough..time is flying and all I can think is the amount of time we spend working and stressing out while others take advantage of every single minute. Not fair right? I have some luck being able to do what I love for a living. (well, partially, but still great)

Anyway, I have a minimalistic outfit today that I know you’ll totally love ! I know I love my cool sweater from SheIn ❤ – so easy to style and so comfy to wear! Definitely a big thumbs up!

What I wore:

– SheIn sweater ( find it here)

– Zara leggings

– YOYOMELODY sneakers ( find them here)

If you’re wondering about the flowers behind – they were planted, it’s still freezing outside, but there is a way the sun shines that makes you think spring is on the way…very far, but on the way 🙂

See ya tomorrow!



My crush video:


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