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I can be the one

Hello sweeties,

Hope you’re having a nice morning :). Lately I began to wake up so early in the morning and to go really early to sleep at night. It’s official – I’m old lol ! 

Anyway, it’s maybe because I really enjoy what I do and I don’t even need an alarm clock to wake me up. I’m a lucky girl ❤️❤️

And I’m also back with a brand new outfit post! I’m wearing this Poppy Lovers top/dress that I think it’s more like a dress if you’re petite, but I wore it as a top and with shorts underneath 🙂 

Totally crushing over this beautiful necklaces from Stacey Jewelry that features three beautiful pearls on a stainless steel necklace. So, as you can imagine, I went for a white look, with silver details.

I’l let you check out the whole look and hoping that you like it ! 

What I wore:

– Six clutch

– Zara slides

Thank you for checking out the look and I really hope you’ll be back later for a new outfit post 🙂 Kisses, R.


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