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How to repair your damaged hair

Hi guys,

It’s Monday again and this time I’m just thinking that every day is bringing us one step closer to summer. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of this cold weather without sun. Bleach! 

Today I would like to firstly approach a really discussed topic and controversial because no one seems to find that “it” product to repair their damaged hair. Well, I’ve been given the chance to try out this great haircare set from Envy Pro, a British company that has quite the amazing products for haircare, repair and protect.

My set is the Envy Blowdry which I have to say I was a bit sceptical at first because they are so many hair repair products out there and I tried a lot of them. I have blonde hair, so really really damaged! 

I’m quite pleased with the results and the technology is new to me, but nothing you can’t handle ;).

I’ll let you see for yourself, and also learn how to use their products from the Blowdry set.

So, this is what the set looks like. It contains the following products:

 1. The Envy Dual Fix 12.

2. The Envy gentle cleansing shampoo 

3. The Envy detangling conditioner 

 And this little handy instruction flyer to explain how the products must be used.

We’re starting off by applying the Dual Fix 12, on your dry hair, starting from your roots and down to your hair tips. 

After that you must use your dryer to dry-out your hair.

And now, you’re ready to wash your hair ! 🙂

First off, apply your gentle cleansing shampoo :

After you use it, rince and then apply the shampoo again! ( so you have to use twice the shampoo!)

Rince, and then apply your conditioner:

After a few minutes, rince your hair as usual.

This is a post-bath picture. I have a little note to add here: I was so happy to comb my hair so very easy! Having blonde hair, it was always a drag for me to untangle my hair after washing it, so a big thumbs up for the conditioner that does this wonder! 

Now it’s time to style it up  ! 🙂

So normally you have to blow-dry it with your dryer and maybe a round brush, but I already have that in my Rowenta blow-dry rotative brush!

Results? Well see for yourself in some before and after pics 🙂

It really gives you a really nice shine and the hair somehow weighs more heavily, like a normal healthy hair should! 

All in all, I’m super satisfied with the set. I think the only thing I really find a tad off is the lime scent which, for me, is a bit too much (not a big fan of lime) :). But that’s just me!

You know I always do an honest review and I say all my pros and cons 😀

Oh, and before I forget, I would like to give you, all my lovely readers, 40% off your purchase at Envy Pro by adding BLOG40 when you check out! 

Hope you will find the products as awesome as I did!




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