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How to bring your room to life

Hi everyone !

I hope you are all enjoying your week and since Christmas is just around the corner, I bet you are all in the rush for getting some nice Xmas presents, maybe a tree ( if you have done one yet) and just organising the holidays :) .

I'm also quite busy during this period as work is booming, but even so I wanted to just take a minute and share with you a little house update. There is still some details to take care of, but our guest room is almost finished - yey ! I wanted to decorate each room in a different style and although I had another idea to start with, after some time I got this crazy vision that can be an awesome #makeover to the room - let's have a splendid wallpaper on one wall ! It sure brings out the London feel in the room and together with Rebel Walls ,we made my vision come true !

Here's a little before & after as well as a YouTube video to see the process:



The process takes awhile, I won't lie, and it's so much easier to have 2 people working on it. This wall took us about 4 - 5 hours, but as you can see, it's worth it ! It has completely changed the vibe in the room and now that I have added some decoration, it looks even nicer.


I feel that choosing a wall mural really brings the whole room to life ! If you have a bigger space, you can opt out for a full wall makeover. We even had to cut out the ringer, the electricity box, the snuff and light switch ( so that took us awhile), but it still turned out good, you just have to have patience ( like for any good thing).


We've painted a few details in gold-beige so it would better fit the whole landscape.

I chose a jungle-like landscape because I love nature and I found this one splendid ! Of course, there are a lot of extraordinary wall murals to choose from at Rebel Walls, they have a lot of awesome designs and it was so difficult to pick just one.




My personal tip: pick a room/ a spot with good light as adding a wall mural can make an optical illusion of your room appearing smaller ( / darker even, if you choose a wallpaper that is very detailed in design).

This type of illustrated/ drawing wallpaper is super trendy right now. It brings the vibe in a rather art deco type of #interiordecoration . I love how it also adds a feel of those vintage London homes, but still with a modern look.

The second part of the room will be done next month or so as I want to make myself some bespoke closets that imitate walls to 'dress' the spaces next to the fireplace. I know it's taking a bit long, but I am very much focused on delivering a home in my personal vision with items that go out of the ordinary ( like choosing a wallpaper here). I like thinking outside the box and I love also interior decoration/design, so that's always a good match.


And with that being said, you can imagine the joy I felt when stumbling upon Rebel Walls and their amazing wall murals that are thought 'outside the box' as well.

Plus, you can also create your very own wall mural ! Their service is really nice and helpful and they'll make sure to bring your ideas to life xo

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I wish you all an amazing week ahead !


Disclaimer: blog post done in collaboration with Rebel Walls


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