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How about layering ?

Hello, my dears! 

I’ve been super busy these days and I barely got time for myself. 

I did, though, took a couple of minutes off to shoot some pics and do a quick video of my outfit cause I don’t know if I’ll have time this week to do it. I’m so sick of this weather as well ! It feels like Spring is so far away 😦

One minute I saw some sun, so I thought to go quick outside and take some photos and the next it was raining !! I did the pics anyway 🙂

Sorry about the grumpy face though. I was not happy !

This is the video:

What I wore:

– Morgan de Toi boots

– Cool Cat leggings

– Zara sweater

– New Look vest

And now I must get back to work my sweeties ! Hope I have some few moments off so I can check your blogs ^^.

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