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Hi, guys!

Brand new day, brand new week and one and a half week until my birthday, until I see all my friends gathered around ^^.. I simply cannot wait 🙂

Here the weather is dreadful and what better way to beat it than to dress cozy and cute ^^

My outfit for today is mainly built around this wonderful hooded coat ( more of a blazer actually) from Wholesale7 and my old Zara ankle boots ^^.

Really hope you like the whole look and sorry for the low light…Brussels is in a cloudy/rainy mood apparently 

What I wore:

– Wholesale7 hooded coat ( find it here)

– Pull& Bear skirt

– Zara boots

– Mango pullover

– Zara bag

– Udobuy necklace ( find it here )

I hope this dastardly weather will come to its senses and at least give us some sunshine !

Until then, I wait for you tomorrow to see another late fall outfit ^^




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