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– Health and Beauty –

Hello ,guys! So today I’m doing something different ..a post I mean 🙂 I’ve been willing to have a more personal appeal and speak a little about looks, beauty and most importantly -health! Now I see a lot of fashion gurus on youtube that do a lot of videos about make-up, hairdos, etc! I, of all people (being a girl that is), know how much make-up and just using those artificial products means to look perfect!

But did you ever consider that really abusing them has long term effects? I’ve been studying a bit the tags on beauty products and I can say I’m not really glad what I found typing in Google their ingredients.. Anyway..we know we can’t live without them, but we have to consider using them in need, not everyday!

For instance, I have a lot of really big dark circles that I cannot cover them up completely even with a tone of foundation! So I learn to live with them.. Actually now, in the summer I try to use less or even not at all make-up! The sun really does good to your skin and covering it up with make-up will not help at all!And plus…you wear sunglasses most of the time 😉 !

Also I don’t do my hair a lot ..usually I like leaving it natural, as it is! To tell you the truth I didn’t dive my hair for a year now.

And I must add that I tried all the things that were invented for hair – dying, hair extensions (of all kinds), highlights , brazilian hair straightening ,etc.. All this to come to a conclusion – my hair color and each of yours are unique ! Did you know that? And if you paint your hair it does look great, yes , the first week..and then that shine will wear off..If you have natural hair, you have natural shine! And I must tell you that all my friends always ask me if I dyed my hair.. cause is always shiny! But I do something to it- before every bath, I make a mask from castor and olive oil and leave it on my hair a half of hour or so.. it really does wonders! Also, castor oil is great for nails, eyebrows and eyelashes !

I, myself don’t have the perfect body ! If you’re counting on loosing weight cause that way you’ll be with the perfect shapes, without any cellulite ,well are WRONG! It makes me so angry when I see girls these days suffering from anorexia or bulimia, or just watching what they are eating , worrying that they will get fat ! Some people are just born with a wider bone structure and if they want to stay in shape, they have to eat healthy (that includes fruits and vegetables!) and just do sport! There isn’t a anti-cellulite cream in the world that does “wonders” when you put it on without any exercise !It helps,yes, but you have to do some sports too ! But most importantly ,you must love yourself ! You know..80% of a woman’s beauty comes from her attitude, from her personality ..and with a little style-there you have it ! 🙂

So, self-confidence, positive attitude and just..being yourself with a personal style, will lead you to achieve your goals ! Sorry for the long post, but I had it for quite a while now in mind ! 🙂 Take care 😉 ! ♥ R


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