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Hand care

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a fantastic week. Mine was full, but very productive ! :)

Since the cold weather is coming into town, I feel that our skin needs extra protection, especially our hands. That's why I was thinking to share with you some of my favorite hand care products. What do you think ?


I always have a hand cream close to me. I like applying it after each hand wash, and now even more with the whole hand sanitiser overuse... hand sanitisers actually have a big concentration of perfume so imagine what that does to your skin ! It's crazy :(

Nowadays I find myself carrying hand creams with me in my purse. It's soooo important keeping your hands moisturised and hydrated. I found a couple of lovely products at Notino.


One of my absolute favorite brands for hand care products is L'Occitane. They literally have divine hand creams. Here I picked their most classical hand cream - L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream ( Karité in french), perfectly moisturises the skin of your hands and provides it with the nutrients it needs. Shea butter is actually a fat extracted from the nut of the African shea tree and has amazing moisturising proprieties.


Neutrogena's hand cream is also a fantastic product. I chose the unscented version here, but you also can find it in the blue, classic version. I have discovered this hand cream back when I was in Romania - my aunt is obsessed with hand creams. I think she would literally bathe in them if she could. This particular one is her favorite and I can understand why - Thanks to its proven Norwegian formula, Neutrogena Hand Care Moisturizing Hand Cream intensely nourishes weakened hand skin, instantly softens and repairs it. Protect your hands, rehydrate them and get hands with smooth skin like velvet, supple and radiant with health.


Same price range as Neutrogena, Mixa also proposes the Repairing Surgras hand cream with 30% glycerine and oat milk.

It's also a nice choice if you are a fan of this brand. It features a non oily texture with an intensive repair effect.


Ziaja, a brand that you are probably not very acquainted with ( even though it's as old as myself ) is a great affordable one that has this fantastic hand and nail mask based on goat milk !

You should consider having a nice mask for your hands that you can apply once per week for instance.


And because our nails also need care, I chose the Eveline Cosmetics Nail Therapy that strengthens nails,

improves nail resistance to mechanical damage and also effectively regenerates them.

This nail conditioner will nourish both your nails and cuticles.

It's quite good and very affordable :)

And that would be my wish list for now ! I bet you are going to find even more fantastic products on the Notino website !

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to subscribe !


Disclaimer: sponsored by Notino

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