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Green tea based beauty products

Hello everyone,

I'm back again, and yes, it was very soon this time as I wanted to pass by the blog at least once every 2 days this week ( except for the weekend as it's my cousin's birthday and I really wanted to celebrate it with the family).

Meanwhile, I have an exciting article to share with you today ! You know I like researching different beauty ingredients and their benefits, and since our lasts posts had quite an impact, I thought why not feature a new ingredient today, so I chose green tea. You may not know this, but green tea is an excellent beauty ingredient in the cosmetic world.


Green tea is one of the antioxidants that protect the skin and hair from the damaging effects of free radicals. The plant, native to the Far East, improves the general condition of the skin and hair. It takes care of the body both inside and out.

As usual, I picked out a few products of my liking ( that I actually found on the Notino website), and I wanted to talk more about each and every one of them.


I'd very much like to start with this here awesome product from an awesome brand that I absolutely love - Urtekram . I have several products from their green matcha range, but I think this one is my favorite - a cellulite scrub. I'm now using it each time I finish my exercises in the evening, it's quite effective. The green matcha is actually a powerful form of green tea, thus it has even more benefits than your green tea extract. The green matcha body scrub from Urtekram will remove dead skin cells, promote skin irrigation, fight cellulite, and leave skin soft and hydrated.


I'm going quite random with my product pick because I couldn't compare them as they are quite different from one another, so my next product that I am a fan of is the Benton deep green tea lotion, which is actually one for your face ( I know that seing the bottle design, one may think that it's a body lotion, but it's not!).

With its green tea extract, the lotion will regenerate and vitalise your skin, intensely hydrate and deeply nourish it. Oh, and it absorbs really quick as it's quite light in consistency.


Since we're talking about matters of the face, here you have a green tea eye contour gel from FlosLek Laboratorium.

The brand is from Poland and I remember my mom always say that the Polish have really good skincare products, so I gave this one a try. It's not a fancy product, the price is more than affordable so it really gives value for money. It works on the skin around the eyes, nourishing and moisturising it.


And last, but not least, of course I had to include a sheet mask as I love them so much ! I chose the green tea Pure Essence from Holika Holika. You already may have read about this brand in my other beauty articles, being a Korean brand and all. So I'd say that you can definitely trust a sheet mask coming from the country where they basically invented the concept. It's actually a mask for sensitive and reddened skin. I use it when I notice a rash on my face or after sun exposure. It really helps soothing.. such a lovely feeling 😌

I hope you enjoyed my little article here and I just can't wait to be back with even more exciting ones !

Thank you for checking out the blog and don't forget to subscribe xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino

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