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Good morning everyone,

I woke a tad earlier today because I have quite the busy afternoon. 

With this dastardly weather I think that my usual OOTDs will become more rare… it’s starting to be quite cold outside and I’m afraid that if I keep going out to shoot each and every day, my body won’t resist this time and I don’t want to push it, not this time. Age is starting to say its word… Plus, I’m “low” on garments because the post office isn’t working properly, so voilà, time for me to take a break. The fun fact is that I’m going to work more on YouTube, so don’t hesitate to subscribe to my channel ! 

Meanwhile, I do have a brand new outfit post for today that I’m positive you’ll adore ><

What I wore:

I hope you like this outfit and I really do hope to be back soon with more 🙂 

Let’s just cross our fingers that everything will go smoothly soon xo




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