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Girls' night in or girls' night out ?

Hello everyone,

I'm storming into the new week with a ton of things to do, but trying to keep myself motivated each day. Since the holidays are just around the corner, I truly do love the magic that is in the air. Everybody seems to be focused on getting that perfect gift for that special someone.

Well, I can definitely lend you a hand with that !

I have recently posted a lovely campaign for Morphée Joaillerie that speaks to each and everyone, even more, to every facette of your personality.

If you may or may not have plans for the holidays, Morphée Joaillerie has you covered !

The Prêt à Briller collections are so amazingly crafted in precious metals and gem stones that will make each look sparkle.

For the cozy, girly night in I have chosen the Buttercups and Pink Cherry Blossoms collections to mix & match my indoor outfit.

The Buttercups are crafted from of 9k yellow gold set with yellow sapphires.

The Pink Cherry Blossom fine jewellery collection is crafted in 9k pink gold set with pink sapphires, white diamonds and sculpted pink opal buds.

A sight to see xo

All glamed up and missing something ? Of course you are ! How about this mix of Pink Cherry Blossoms pieces with White Cherry Blossoms ones ? I absolutely live for this mix ! They look incredible together and of course, you can always wear them separately or in another way, this actually being the fantastic advantage of the Prêt à Briller - you can create each time a new jewellery look.

​The White Cherry Blossom fine jewellery collection is crafted in 9k white gold set with white diamonds and sculpted buds in white opal - a delicate awakening made eternal.

And of course, this would be an amazing gift for your beloved. If you doubt what to get her exactly, then might I suggest a gift card at Morphée Joaillerie so she can choose whatever pieces she/he likes best.

Thank you for stopping by the blog.

Until next time, I wish you all a fantastic week xo



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