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Ghost Town

Hi guys,

The weekend is over and I think everyone is thinking about tomorrow, Monday, first day of the week aka first day of work. I actually also work on weekends, so for me it’s just another day.

As a Sunday evening read, I’m back with a new article on my quick visit to Kolmanskop aka Ghost Town… the town was established before World War II by the Germans and it actually had everything: a ballroom, a hospital, a theatre, etc… and at the time it was a main place to extract diamonds, but during the war, when the diamond industry had a relapse, the town has abandoned and ever since, it serves as a main tourist attraction. Of course, they are still extracting diamonds in the area, and it is forbidden to enter without a permit.

For us, it was a great place to take some awesome photos as the abandoned houses plus the sand dunes that are inside some of the buildings make it so cool for shootings.

Here I have decided to take my Sonia Peña dress out for a spin 🙂 !


So basically this is the result… it’s also the place where I shot some of the pictures with the Purely Diamonds jewelry… it was, in a way, taking the diamonds home, probably from their place of origin… who knows ? 🙂

If you’re wondering about the shoes, they are from Zara, from an old collection, but I like them so much that I had to bring them along for the shooting.

I hope you like the pics. Me? I did like 200 pics in different buildings lol. Thrill of a lifetime to be there !

Thank you for checking out the blog and have a great day ahead!




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