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G.I. Joe

Hey guys,

I was getting a little bit tired of all the dresses and fancy looks, so for today I have a really awesome outfit proposition. Being somehow nostalgic from the Pussycat Dolls era, I managed to set out a look that could make even Nicole Scherzinger jealous, having my super sexy Queen Bra from God Save Queens, an online lingerie boutique with some really hot items ! 

I’ve matched it up with my new Zara top ( in a size L for a loose effect), Style Moi cutoff shorts and around the waist I have a cool military shirt ( I forgot the brand, but I’ll search it later and add it), Timberland boots and Neuville bag. For a full PSD effect, I wore my Irresistible Me ponytail.

This is what came out:

What I wore:

– Zara top

– GodSaveQueens lace bra ( find it here)

– Style Moi shorts ( find them here)

– Timberland boots

Neuville satchel

Irresistible Me ponytail

Hope you like the look, guys ! 😀

I really had so much fun wearing this awesome outfit ^^




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