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From Brussels, with sorrow…

Hi guys,

As you’ve probably heard all over the news, Brussels is in mourning as from this morning. My normal outfit of the day post will not be published today as a sign of respect to my fellow bruxelloises who have suffered today not defeat, but a deep wound which only time will heal… My prayers are for the ones who lost their life during the explosions and their loved ones…. these horrible horrible people who come brainwashed believing that this is a Holy war and we, “the unbelievers” have to die. Sure, there are a lot of responsible people for bad doings in their countries, but they’re the ones who have to pay the price. They’re the ones that must be bombed and shot at, not us, the normal people…the normal people who are practically slaves to our lives, who work, who pay taxes, taxes that are used to bring scum from ISIS so that they can bomb our @sses! I blame the government as well, of course. While they were cooked up in their luxury villas and secured buildings, us, the normal people, the ones that pay for your luxury living, were being bombed and killed like mice in a maze… 

I’m sure that there are so many more that think this and we know that something must be done. Until that day comes, when we raise against the system, we stay as a headless chicken and count our dead.

My thoughts go to Brussels – stay safe and life must go on! #prayforBrussels 


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