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Freakin’ Friday

Hi guys,

Hope your day was cool. But how couldn’t it be awesome?It’s Friday! Yey! The weekend is here :). I have a lot of stuff to do as usual, but I’m very excited to get a new chapter of my life up and running. After this whole story with closing my store after one whole year of hard work, a lot of time and not to mention money dedicated to this project, I’m finally set to move on and accept that the world is as it is and that although I had the chance to met some awesome people along the way, this whole story taught me that we leave in a world that is degrading fast in terms of services and of course, in lifestyle. The state is all about taking all your money and not giving you the chance to pursue your dreams. They’re all about making their bellies full, their mansions big and luxurious while we, the normal people, have to fuel their dreams. 

Sad as it is, I had to find our this way. That’s why now I’m all about living the moment, not making any plans, any stability. Maybe I’ll go ahead and travel the world next year. Who knows? The bottom point is that this is the last time I let the system take my dreams :).

I just felt I should get that out of my head before we move forward in today’s ootd post! Because it’s a great one – my beautiful dress comes from Vesper and this is the stuff that dreams are made of ❤ 

What I wore:

– Zara heels

– Sarah Paccini purse 

Oh and before I forget, I kinda have this idea of posting my ootds to YouTube as well 🙂

Here’s one:

Thank you so much for visiting the blog, guys!

Come back tomorrow for a new outfit of the day post 🙂




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