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Fragrance mist - what to choose ?

Hi everyone,

I hope your week is going well.

Me? I'm just waiting for spring to finally show .. it's been a long period of cold and rain.

One thing I love using during spring/ summer is a fragrance mist. And yes, I know this is something to be used regardless of the season, but I feel more attracted to use it in the warm season, just to have a little more freshness !

A fragrance mist is to be used after a shower, giving you a subtle body scent. Fragrance mists are less powerful than perfumes, but still very pleasant to "wear"

So, I did my top 3 of fragrance mists here below, just to share with you my very own favorites.

Of course, you have lots of other choices on the Notino site :)


Let's start with the most popular - Victoria's Secret has a lot of body mists. I should know, I have so many ! I absolutely love this brand. They have nice perfumes too, but I think they really did a great job in creating so many scents for body mists.

Here I chose the Love Spell Sunkissed. It's a rather floral scent, having sandalwood and nectarine in its notes. You can also spoil yourself and get the perfume with the same name. ;)


I was rather intrigued when I first tried out this body mist from Guess 1981. Already a fan of their clothing line, I wasn't surprised to find their body mists and perfumes very in my liking.

So that's why I also included the Guess 1981 fragrance mist in my must-have list.

It's also a floral scent; concentrated passion, femininity and character in a single bottle. You will love it !


And last, but certainly not least, I am super in love with Bath& Body Works (like all their products, literally), so their A Thousand Wishes fine fragrance mist is a hit !

I'd say it's a more fruity scent, which gives you a good boost of energy and confidence at all times of the day.

It also has a related perfume, with the same name.

You will find it its composition: quince, amber, Rosé Prosecco, amaretto and peony.

So there you have it !

I hope you like this selection and I will be back with more wonderful news, so stay tuned xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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