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Fit. Life. Now.

Hello lovelies,

As you probably know, this last week I’ve been trying a new thing, something healthy this time. I’ve got good gens, thanks to my family and weight was never a problem for me. But I , like many us ladies, have cellulite and I get tired really quick. Why? Because my eating schedule and well, the food that I eat isn’t necessarily always healthy. Herbal teas are not just great to help you loose weight, but they also help increase your digestive system, and in turn reduce bloating.

Fit Life Tea has developed a great way to help you start a better, healthier life. Say goodbye to weight gain, bloating and digestive stress. Two daily cups of Organic Teatox can help burn fat, stimulate weight loss, boost your immune system and cleanse your digestive system. With my 14-day organic Teatox program, I feel better already. I’ve educated myself to eat proper meals, at exact times. The best part is that you have the whole pack! Besides the tea bags, the set contains a recipient where you can store you tea in case you’re on the go,  a flyer that lets you know, per day, what you have to eat ( of course, it’s advisable, not mandatory, there are also a lot of other heathy things you can eat rather than the ones mentioned there, but I wanted to really commit to the “prescription” ). And on the other side of the flyer, you have the sport training, 20 minutes every day with the fitness routine and all. A perfect match! You will need sports as well, of course!

I did the sport as well and it was quite nice continuing my morning tea all the way through my fitness workout that I do on my little terrace. Weather is quite chilly and a warm cup of tea is perfect!

Next stop, I would really like to share with you my favorite recipes from their website, things I did on my own, following their advice. The tea isn’t that bad, but you have to be careful not to steer it a long time. Also, I’ve added some honey to make it sweeter ( careful, add the honey when the tea isn’t awfully hot). Drink it twice a day for best results – I did it in the morning and after I had my evening meal.

So, here’s some of my favorite recipes that I totally recommend:

For breakfast:

– Greek yogurt – I didn’t had granola so I’ve used some nice grain biscuits – Blueberries

– My Fit Life Tea ( you can find mine here)

– 2 slices of whole wheat toast

– Scrambled egg

– Banana

– And of course, my cup of Fit Life Tea

– 1 whole wheat tortilla topped with a scrambled egg, diced tomatoes and onions.

For lunch I wasn’t much at home so I didn’t had my camera with me. 

But here’s what I loved from the Snack section:

– My favorite is Italian Avocado toast !!

It’s super easy to do and I totally love that I’ve discovered such a great recipe 🙂

Now for Dinner, this was one of my favorite meals:

Honey Soy Chicken Drumsticks, a total pleasure to eat ! I had them well done as I like 🙂

All in all, it was a total routine that I’ve enjoyed, that I recommend and hope to do it again soon.

Also, don’t forget that Fit Tea Life also has other tea blends, to help you sleep or for an energy boost.

I think staying heatlhy is what matter most and although I think many of you don’t commit to doing it on a daily basis, I would advise, from time to time, to go on a cleansing…just trying something new and totally good for your inside.

I hope my article will determine many to try to be a better, healthier person, and with Fit Tea Life, I think you will get there more easier 🙂

Also, because you’re my lovely readers, I would like to give you 15% off if you decide to purchase something from their store, the code is BRUSSELSLOVE15. Use it wisely :D!




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