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Field of fire

Good evening lovelies,

After spending a whole week terribly ill, I now have the necessary strength to turn on the pc and pass by the blog as I know I have taken again a leap of absence. It seems that this quarter of the year wasn't the best for me. I'm still very sick, laryngitis and still the inability to speak ( lost my voice from all the horrible coughing ...but hey, let's stay positive and hope that tomorrow will bring better 'weather' ! I'll have to believe that otherwise I'm gonna go insane...

I have a brand new outfit post to share with you ! One that I hope you'll like.

I had it prepared for the beginning of the weekend, but sadly my health had other plans.






What I wore:

- Simone Rocha purse

- Zara pumps

I feel this dress really needed a pair of black pumps , I couldn't see it otherwise :)

I hope you like the styling and I will certainly be back with more cool looks !

Luckily I don't have to rely on my voice to do my blog lol



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