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Favorite bags & shoes for this summer

Hi everyone,

Wow, I just can't believe how sunny it is here ! It's like we completely skipped spring and went right into summer!

And on this occasion, I'd like to share with you a little list of my favorite picks from the shoes & bags that I'd be eyeing this summer. I actually did two separate lists for people who like more classic items ( non colour and I actually chose white as it's the warm season), and the second list contains my favorite colourful shoes & bags. That way, you will definitely find what you like best ! :)


Let's start with the white top 3 mixes that I absolutely adored:

- viewing from left up, we have a pair of sublime heeled sandals from Wandler. I definitely saw them in a mix with a mini cylinder bag from MANU Atelier ( the bag design is available in multiple shapes in sizes).

- down below, we can admire the craftsmanship Orton has to offer. The Alva day bag in small, is definitely a great choice if you're looking for a day bag that can be also work in crossbody style. In my mind, Ulla Johnson's Egypt hells matched this bag so good ! Wouldn't you agree?

- and last, but not least, I did a big brand mix when putting together a pair of Balmain sandals (a brand which, btw, I'm soooo happy that Shopbop added to their Designer Boutique ) with a Jacquemus bag ( here we have the Le Petit Bambino bag)

And now for a more colourful version of my preferred items this summer !


- starting from the top left, we have an amazing Elleme bucket bag in a jade colour that I matched with chain loafers from JW Anderson ( I know some people may be sceptical of this particular design, but I think they are quite popular so I thought I should include them as well).

- down below, we can spot a fabulous pair of BY FAR sandals in a hot pink colour that, in my mind, matched the sunset orange colour of this Simon Miller Puffin bag which also features a croc design.

- and of course, I still chose something from Jacquemus again because I adore his creations -> Le Chiquito bag in pink ! A nice match with ATP Atelier's mule sandals in a mint colour. Simple and chic !

The plus here is that you can mix and match these pieces on your own as everything goes well with everything ! :)

I hope you liked my selection and don't hesitate to subscribe to my blog for the latest news !


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