Fall dresses? Oh, yes, please!

Hello sweeties,

So I’m really enjoying myself lately doing all this organization in my closet. Moving can be good cause it like forces you to get rid of all the old stuff that you don’t use/wear anymore and so, when making room for new things, it gets you shopping. Plus, now, with the season changing and all, my Fall wardrobe is on its way ! 

Since it’s still quite nice outside, I think that the thing I like the most for Fall are dresses. Imagine long sleeves, cozy, can-be-worn-with-tights dresses ! 

Recently I’ve discovered a lovely website that maybe you have heard of – it’s called StyleWe that actually holds quite the variety of clothing and accessories and that happens to have also a lot of lovely fall sweater dresses that I like so much. I’m gonna like do a list with my faves and I really hope that you can help me choose 😀

So, these are my proposals !

Which one should I get? 🙂

Really hope you liked the article guys, and that I’ve made you discover a brand new place to shop ! 

Other than that, you can also check out StyleWe ‘s Youtube Channel  and their blog for more interesting, fashionable things.




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