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Eyewear – meeting Eyeglass Discounter

Hi guys,

As you all are used to by now, I like presenting new brands or designers from time to time and today, it’s all about eyewear. From sunglasses to normal glasses, Eyeglass Discounter has it all. They are a dedicated family business who promise the most effective eye care that you can possibly find online.

Amongst the available lenses and services for them, they include anti-reflective lenses, astigmatic lenses, progressive lenses, bifocal lenses, no-line bifocal lenses, non-prescription lenses, polycarbonate lenses, scratch resistant lenses, lens coatings services, manufacturer prescription lenses.  I just wanted to point that out from the very beginning because even though the frame counts as an aesthetic part, the lens is what keeps the eye “running”, most of the eyewear (online) stores not having these types of lens performance, using mostly regular lenses.

But I’m a fashion blogger, so I have to stick to the fashionable part of the story as well.

Upon the vast designs they hold, one of my favorite ones are the hipster glasses, that bring that fun look to any eyeglasses wearing individual. 

Down below, you will find a small selection of hipster glasses that I’m very found of. If you’d like to check out a design, simply click on it 🙂

And as we are still at designs, I would like to continue our little promenade (walk) through the land of eyewear and stop by the Geek eyeglasses that are also a personal favorite. If you recall, last year they were so in-trend that everybody was wearing them, even people who don’t actually wear glasses. But that’s fashion. Who can argue with that?

 At Eyeglass Discounter, you can also find some great discount eyewear, like for instance I saw that they have some neat sunglasses on sale that you have to check out before they are all gone! 

Naturally, I did a little selection of my own, even though it was quite difficult choosing from so many beautiful designs. It’s still summer, so why not take advantage of their great deals?

I really do hope you will pay Eyeglass Discounter a visit just to make an impression of what a great eyewear boutique it is and if you like the designs, well, then I encourage you o give it a try and convince yourself. 😀

Thank you for visiting the blog and stay tuned for an ootd post later ! ❤




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