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Hello everyone,

How are you this Friday ?

Trying to keep a positive vibe here in the house regardless of the craziness that's going on. I would advise on that actually; it's not ignorance, but it is a way for you to stay sane - just do an activity that passions you ( as long as you can do it indoors).

My passion is blogging... and to be more precise, fashion. I have a whole closet of clothes that I can mix and play with and shoot probably on my terrace once I'll get it cleaned :)

I didn't upload on my quarantine journal because nothing has happened in particular. I try to carry on a normal course of action, enjoying my days at home and making the best of it !

I'll start re-writing some travel articles and work on my blog on the days to come.

Meanwhile, I'll let you enjoy my latest OOTD, created before the lockdown - it is my last one as well...

What I wore:

- Loavies blouse

I cannot wait to be back on the streets shooting again.. I'm starting to miss it ;(

Other than that, my promo code at SheIn ( Extra 10% off orders 19€+ & 15% off orders 49€+ ) is still active - just use byruxandraQ1.

Thank you for checking out the blog and I'll be back soon with more fashionable stuff ( probably for the house on this occasion )..




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