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Esquisse Jewels – Workshop

Good morning everyone,

Hope your week has started well. I’m finally writing about my experience at Esquisse Jewels workshop.

Now if you don’t know Esquisse Jewels, you have to ! Its founder, Sergiu Lom, is proud to bring a new concept on the Belgian jewelry market where human values take a primordial place. Besides tailored jewelry, he proposes a really cool idea: a workshop where you can make your very own piece.

Before anything, he sits down with you and see what your ideas would be. He does this for everything, as the client’s ideas, opinions and thoughts are very important to him. In the end, the client has to be happy. He’s very creative, intelligent, patient and super sweet. It’s very nice to feel at home during the whole workshop or if it’s just for the brainstorm session when you make a tailored jewelry.

– here in the making of a pair of earrings –


-to the workshop ! –

Now this workshop will take all day, or you can come by during 3 days of 3h/day. I never thought making a piece of jewelry will take this long and that there is so much work into it. It’s only then that you realize and respect the work of a jeweler.

My project was rather simple, but it took about 7h to accomplish with the help of Sergiu. He’s always there giving pointers and guiding you through the whole process. He helped me a bit more as my nails weren’t designed for this kind of labor 🙂 .

I’m not gonna go into specifics as I would like for you to discover everything when you book your workshop .

During the pause, you can delight yourself with some fancy Japanese pastry and of course, playing with this super fluff is a must 🙂 .


He’s the cutest, right?

Speaking about cute, my bracelet is almost done ! Just a few adjustments and some welding here and there… and voilà, a new piece of jewelry is born.

Having Sergiu guiding me through the process of design as well, it came to me only afterwards that my bracelet looks like a scorpio.. and for me, that was super amazing !


It takes indeed patience and loving manual labor.. but as soon as you see the result, you have a different kind of satisfaction than buying something directly from the store, already made, already set in place. This is a creative work, so even if it’s not for everyone, the ones that feel drawn to this kind of workshop won’t be disappointed at all. Plus, you can “steal” a few tricks from the master himself 😉 .


Final result: a scorpio silver bracelet with shiny finish and mat interior. A beautiful piece that is super elegant and stylish and most important: one of a kind, made by yours-truly (with Sergiu’s undying help ).

I hope you enjoyed this short insight and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pop up an email 😉




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