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Dumaguete City – My stay at Coco Grande Hotel

Hey sweeties,

I hope you’re all having a blessed day ! I’m actually waiting to part for my ferry, in departure for a new destination ! I liked my time in Dumaguete and, boy, how I loved Apo Island. I’ll def bring out a post to describe all my experiences here so if you ever decide to come on a trip here, you’ll know from the start the who/what/where ! 

But before that, I would love to share with you my experience at Coco Grande Hotel. My stay here was nice, the staff is super friendly and getting around was quite easy, as you just have to walk out the hotel and you can always get a tricycle that costs almost nothing and takes you wherever you like.

The hotel also has a car option, with a driver that can also get you places for a great price, considering I pay 50€ for a trip from the airport in Brussels till home. Here it’s like 10€ or so.

Anyway, I was super pleased to be waited for at the pier upon my arrival by one of their drivers, really felt like a super star, with a welcoming sign that had my name on it. The van is super clean and you even have flowers in it. Very cute ! 

Below you have a little video I managed to put together so you can have a better see of how the hotel looks like in the inside.

The room was nice and tidy, with a big bathroom that I didn’t expect, seing that the room itself isn’t that big. I had the Executive room, so this is what it looks like.

The hotel itself I would describe as a vintage-British style hotel, with an island feel. It’s quite perfect for a short stay and I know that there are other very good rooms from where to choose.

The price is by far very fair and you get what you pay for actually. 

I loved the breakfast, for me, it was sufficient even though I know Europeans and even Americans would want to eat more lol. But personally, I wouldn’t ask for more. You have everything you need right on the table and probably the only thing that I would like is a hot chocolate as I don’t drink coffee :; but that’s just me.

I recommend going for the American breakfast, it was my favorite ! 

Also, they have cuisine all out through the day, where you can find quite the variety of food, both international and asian. I ate like every single day Schintzel cause I’m soooo addicted lol.

As I live in a street full of antique shops ( in Brussels), I couldn’t miss admiring the old furniture, very vintage like and in the Island’s style. I think they are collector’s items, as I saw some other interesting pieces all around the hotel such as carpets and decorations.

All in all, my stay was quite nice and I think that yesterday I really spent a lot of time at the hotel as I got this huge bump on my forehead from the wretched sun. It’s the first time something like this happens to me and I was a bit scared. I hope that the bump will go away soon.

Thank you for reading and “see” you later ! 




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