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Drive Now

Hi sweeties,

I hope you are well this fine Sunday. I’m just enjoying my afternoon at home.. a place I haven’t felt in awhile to say so… Being quite busy with events, press trips, collabs, shootings, I really missed laying an afternoon not doing anything you know. 

Besides that, one of the things I love to do on a Sunday though is have a stroll in the city, especially when the sun is up and shining. Something like I did when I had the opportunity to test the DriveNow car sharing service.

Of course, renting a convertible is a must. The pleasure of driving with the rooftop down while the sun warms your face is truly relaxing and I loved it ! 

They have a lot of available cars at Drive Now and everything is secured at a push of a button. The system is quite easy to use and if you still have doubts, you can check out their videos here.

You have all the costs included in the price, so no hidden fees or stuff like that; I just wanted to put that up front because I kinda not trust rental car agencies because they always tax you more stating you scratched the car when you didn’t or you go to pick up the car and you have to pay this and that more… it kinda ruins your vacation or day off! 

DriveNow taxes by the minute so you pay what you spend in time length. And plus, you can leave the car wherever you like (well, in a normal place where you normally leave a car, not in the middle of the street lol 😀 ). But I think it’s quite handy to be able to do this, it’s so much easier than brining the car back from where you took it :).

If I were to try again the service, I would maybe take one of those hybrid cars maybe, just to see how they are ! 

What I would do more with DriveNow is make a VIP service as well, where more expensive cars would be on rent (at higher prices of course), but just to go luxurious all the way ! Imagine renting a Lambo.. like how cool would that be?!

Still, it was quite cool riding in the Mini! It’s such a lovely car and I also loved the fact that everything was going through the app – even when you want to start the engine.

A pretty neat job if you ask me !

Hope you like the post, lovelies !

I’ll be back soon with more fashionable stuff xo




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