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Dove care

Hello everyone !

And Happy Easter for the people who celebrate today the Holy Easter ( like yours truly :) ).

Since I have like an hour on my hands before the Easter lunch, I thought I should do a quick article on one of my favorite brands ever - Dove. It's also an affordable brand, so I have been using it ever since I was back home in Romania, being quite popular there :)

First of all, I'd like to pin point the fact that Dove has really changed over the years, the brand being transformed into a more modern one, with care for the environmental print they leave behind. That's an extra reason why I picked out some nice products that I tested these quarantined days :)

Dove is available at Notino's drugstore section btw, so no need to wait until the end of the confinement to get your products ;) - the delivery was quite quick too considering the current situation.

To be honest, I'm happy I had so much time to test out new things and adapt my photography to my home.

So, I have here 4 lovely products that I'd like to share with you. Even though I normally use another haircare brand, I was happy to see that the shampoo and conditioner from Dove were pretty good.


They both come from the Nutritive Solutions range. I opted out for the Volume Lift set as I love it when my hair doesn't stay flat and lifeless. If you are into wild hair with lots and lots of volume, I suggest you braid it and sleep with it like that. In the morning you'll have a great volume result ! It's what I do to avoid using too much hot tools. Especially now that you are staying at home, you can leave your hair breath a bit and not use any hard products & heat on it.



So the bottles look like this. As I said, super affordable brand and I must say that for the price, the quality is definitely there.


Ok, so I thought I should choose a hand soap that cares for your hands, especially now that we are washing our hands every hour at least... so the Dove caring hand wash with shea butter and warm vanilla is definitely a good choice if you're looking for something that goes light on your hands and that has active ingredients that nourishes your skin.


It also has 1/4 moisturising cream in its mix, so all the better ! Plus, it smells soooo nice <3


From 100% recycled bottle, here comes the Dove nourishing silk shower gel !

As you can see it has 0% sulfate SLES and it's very nice for your skin, leaving it soft & smooth.

Yup, very much in love with Dove and I hope you will be too ! :)

Thank you for passing by and checking out the blog!

I'll be back with more soon xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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