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Don’t you worry child…

Hi guys,

My day was mainly ok, excepting the end of the afternoon when I learned that my last living grandmother has past away…I wasn’t very close to her, being raised by my mom’s parents, but I am still sad for her…life is so short and sooner or later we’ll be all meeting the Great Man up there…so rest in peace, nana! 

I sometimes think that we should be more like indians. Cry when someone is born in this dreadful world and laugh when they leave it. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Although loosing someone is so painful, especially if it’s not from natural causes, I think that in a way, they are pardoned to not stay in this cruel world and really fight each day of their lives for existence and to put a bread on the table. Sure, sometimes life is worth living when you’re having those happy moments, but nowadays it just feels like you don’t have enough time, you work a lot and see your friends/family not that often… it’s insane ! Well, that’s my part of life. I don’t know your story… But the main thing is that we should do something that makes us happy. My nana lived about 85 years and she was the image of happy…always smiling and being so nice. I will miss her, but I’m sure that the place where she is right now, she is still smiling and continuing to be happy ❤

Anyway, let’s be happy ourselves and enjoy a little outfit post I have prepared for you today, ( and that was shoot before I heard the sad news) wearing my sweet dress from Oasap that is so cool and comfy for summer. As I purchased this Sam Edelman sandals just a couple of days ago on sale, I thought they would go perfect with this summer look !  

For the accessories, I wanted just to mention this cute bracelet from Kitsch, flash tattoos from both Kitsch and Style Moi

What I wore:

– Oasap dress ( find it here)

– Sam Edelman sandals

– Zara bag

– Guess hat

– Kitsch bracelet ( find it here)

– Flash tattoos from Kitsch and Style Moi 

I really hope you like this fun look and that you will leave a comment in the box below with your honest opinion ^^

Thank you for visiting my blog and have a lovely afternoon!




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