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Diggy Down

Hey guys,

I am, as always, in a time lapse ! Nothing new, right? Well, I’ll be on the set Moday afternoon until late midnight and I’m eager to do this, but at the same time, seing that Tuesday early in the morning I’ll be leaving to the airport, I’m a bit tired already..have so much to do this weekend…this time I’ll be staying in Romania about a week. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to check out what I’m up to ! 🙂

Meanwhile, I’m back with a new look. Same sunnies, different outfit. I have an edgy take on this one – wearing my amazing LookbookStore Studded Shoulder Denim Blazer in Grey, along with this skirt from Zara and Bershka corset that wasn’t probably the best choice seing that it kinda shows through the skirt…humm.. don’t know.. what do you think?

Oh, and my black ankle boots are also super cool ! They are a must in any fashionista’s closet 🙂

Anyway, for the rest, you can check out the video I did on YouTube ( P.S. don’t forget to subscribe so you are ahead of everyone when I’m posting oufits ):

What I wore:

– Bershka corset

– Zara ruffle skirt ( similar styles here)

– Fiore tights 

– Zara camera bag

– Zara ankle boots 

Thank you so much for passing by ! 🙂

Don’t hesitate to come back tomorrow for a new OOTD !




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