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Good morning everyone,

First of all, I would like to say : La Multi Ani, România ! ( Happy bday Romania) because today we celebrate 100 years since the principalities in Romania came together and formed our country.

Second, I’m back as usual with a new outfit post that I just know you’ll adore ! 🙂

I’m all cocooned up for winter and even though yesterday when I did the pictures was a tad more warmer than usual, this outfit right here is cold-proof ! The teddy coat comes from SheIn and you can still benefit of 15% off all their site with my code: rux15

And yes, I’m still strolling around in my Mercedes-Benz C class Break from ` … I will have to give it back this month though… quite sad about that… it was lovely having it for so long though 🙂

What I wore:

  1. SheIn teddy coat

  2. Louis Vuitton bag

  3. Timberand booties

  4. Guess leggings

  5. Terra di Sienna jacket coat underneath 

  6. Prada sunglasses

Hope you enjoyed my outfit and hope to be back soon with more awesome fashion news.



#howtostyleteddybear #style

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