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Dearly Beloved…

That’s who it all starts, that beautiful unique day in your life that you’ve been waiting for… well, if you’re American that is.. traditions are different in every country, but you get my point :)..

It was probably the hot sun that went to my head, but I was so in the mood to present this dress from  as one perfect for a beach wedding. Just imagine it, just you two, on a marvelous beach somewhere quiet, just close family or friends maybe, there’s nothing more important, right? I love the dress’s simplicity, style and taste. 

It can be worn as well as a homecoming dress or even a bridesmaid. Maybe the only thing I would change about the dress is the back zipper… a more discreet one should be better I believe. But probably in a white color, the zipper will not be that obvious. I choose mine in a pearl pink shade, as I didn’t want it to look that “bridey” 😀

What I wore:

– dress ( find it here)

Pretty Purple Boutique necklace worn as a hair accessory 

– Steve Madden heels

So, this is my special look for Cape Verde. I’ll be soon writing a travel article as you guys are used to, so that I can describe the adventure with photos and all. Now, I’m so very tired. I’m gonna let you observe and comment today’s look. 

I really love this dress and I totally recommend the online boutique at ! They have so many beautiful items, I just can’t help myself looking on all the wonderful dresses, fitted for every occasion!

And I know most of you think I’m crazy using a necklace as a hair piece, but I don’t know… I just really felt it belongs like that :). They do have extraordinary accessories at Pretty Purple Boutique.

Or maybe I’m to stuck in the movie, as I am now watching The Tudors series ^^


Don’t let the awesome contest from Damaris lingerie get away!! 

This is your chance to win the big £1000 voucher prize to spend at their online boutique, as well as other incredible prizes !

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