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Dark Horse

Hello, sweeties!

Hope you’ve well started the week and I know the weekend seems so far, far away, but do not despair, time usually flies when you don’t think much about it :).

You probably figured it out from the title that today’s outfit is inspired from  Katy Perry’s new song, I say song, not video cause I know that the video has an Egyptian grounding. My outfit is very simple, yet stylish – a black knitted dress with black boots and to add something interesting to the outfit I chose an army shirt from Romwe, of course :).

What I wore:

– Mango boots

– Bershka knitted dress

– Romwe army shirt ( find it here)

– Springfield handbag

I must leave you now loves, I have my best friends coming in tomorrow and I have still lots to do :).

Hope you like my outfit and I promise I’ll read all your wonderful comments!




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