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Da Mimmo

Hello everyone or better yet, good evening !

As I have been postponing my “Restaurants around the world” for awhile now, I thought that the moment has come to write my very first article with a very first restaurant that I would like to include in my new blog section. I’m very happy to share with you my experience at restaurant Da Mimmo, located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, a restaurant I had the pleasure to go to this past Wednesday.


Da Mimmo is an Italian gastronomic restaurant with over 25 years of experience that has been awarded a Michelin star due to their amazing cuisine and excellent service.


As expected, the food is divine. Stubborn, I went for the 5 services menu, also known as Menu Da Mimmo that features the chef’s signature dishes and a dessert. I won’t know if they change this dishes with time, but I would still like to show you my 5 course menu 🙂

I was amazed by how elegant the food was presented. It looks like a piece of art and it tastes like heaven. I must admit that for me, the 5 course menu was a little overwhelming considering I eat like a bird ( or so I have been told 🙂 ). It would be difficult to pick a favorite as each dish had its own charm and flavour.

The dessert was spectacular as well, a tiramisu with moka ice-cream and a topping of amaretto& espresso … oh, and I almost forgot to share with you the mise en bouche.  

Of course, you also have the option to order à la carte ,but even though for me it was a bit too much, I would definitely recommend the 5 course Menu ( Da Mimmo Menu) if you really want to go on a gastronomic journey through the Italian cuisine.

Hope you liked my little article and I wish you a fab Sunday evening xo




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