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Hi sweeties,

Today I’m back with a whole different look, with a big accent on “different”. Why? Because how can you dress normal with a piece from Metamorph Quirky Couture ? 🙂 If there are any Romanians out there, one name will come in their mind: Iulia Albu. I’m pretty comfortable with her style and totally find in her a big inspiration – always. So, thank you Iulia Albu, for being such a fashionable diverse lady xo!

I don’t have a chicken or a dog, I have a little bunny (called Albu, you can find his Instagram here) that helped me with the shoot. He was super nice to stay still and have the “model face” on :). If you’re wondering what I’m wearing, then know that the cozy set comes from Mango, my rings are from Bershka ( I think) and the main piece, the lace mask white veil, is from Metamorph Quirky Couture. Curious much ? 🙂

What I wore:

– Mango two piece 

– Metamorph Quirky Couture veil ( find it here)

– Bershka platform sneakers 

Hope you like this particular concept look that could be so awesome to wear at an event (well, in that case minus the bunny) or a fashion shoot.

What do you think?



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