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Committing to …quick?!

We live in a age where time is everything so we want to do as many things as possible and live fully each day! But what does “fully” mean?..for ones is just the joy of having money,women,power..oh right,that’s the man part of the world 🙂 But what does “living fully” means for a woman? In my opinion,there’s no grater joy than being in love with someone,making every day count and just that feeling that you get when you see him or speak with him..

Anyway,time passes and sooner or later you find yourself in a serious relationship with every day problems, issues,argues, etc..and even though you made until here ,you really wish that you can turn back the time or just re-live that period that makes your blood just pumps out of your vanes!  So the question is – at what age we should commit ourselves into a serious relation? The average rate of people that start a family is something around the age of until that point are we “allowed” to have just fun and don’t really care about getting serious with someone? In most of the cases,young people who,in the “love flame”, get married and start to have kids,end up in the late 40s having a divorce because either he cheated or she ,or they just argue all the time..and the sad thing is that the kids get the hit! I think that before making such a big step as starting a family ,you should really take a moment and just ask yourself a question- is he the man I’m willing to spend my hole life with? -or- Am I responsible enough to start a family,to get committed? Either way you should really think it throw cause choosing something in your life ,does really change your future and not only..


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