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Christmas carols and fashionable looks

Hello sweeties,

So it looks like Christmas is just around the corner! You can just smell the eggnog in the air hahaha :). I bet you are all in the search for dresses, shoes and beautiful items to look just fab for the holidays. Well, it just happened that I’ve found some pretty cool dresses at Esprit, so it won’t put a whole in your budget. 

Sure, in my world, where shoes are the rulers, they are extremely expensive (well, some of them nonetheless), so you’ll stay like a queen all night in comfortable heels. From the three looks I’m proposing, I guess the ones from Versace had to be the most expensive ones. I’m not that “all tight up” luxurious girl who sleeps in cashmere sheets and eats glitter for breakfast. Sure, I have a few expensive things in my wardrobe, but I also wear normal “down-to-earth” brands. I remember that the first time I ever heard of Esprit was from my mom. You know the brands that have been in the market for awhile tend to keep those immortal values (like quality for instance). We should totally try to shop less and smarter rather than having a pile of 10€ clothes whom, after one wash, will disappear in your hands. Like in life, it depends what you want ! I try to have clothes from every world – expensive and cheap, as long as you look good in them and feel comfortable, those are the clothes for you ! 

Oh, and I don’t know about you, but I’m really dying over the grey laced dress. It’s a beauty! 

So, what are you wearing for the holidays? Doing anything special?

Until next time I wish you all a Merry Christmas a beautiful day! 😉




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