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Christian Louboutin – is it worth it ?

So for the first post on my blog ,I would like to do a “petit article” on a controversial subject – is it worth spending rigorous amount of money on one of the top star shoes of the moment ?

The hand-craft of these babies is flawless for sure. It’s the perfect shoe for any occasion!May it be a 150mm heel or just some flats, you’re bound to turn heads.

If you have a fine leg ,they will fit you perfectly. It’s a common problem that women with a more harder bone structure have issues on wearing this brand so they go more for Yves Saint Laurent or Jimmy Choo witch also design to-die-for shoes.

Why is Louboutin different from a normal or famous shoe?

The answer is all goes down to “the red sole obsession”,that fine signature that will never die!

Even though we’ve seen a lot of marks where Loubis have walked, we have to admit that making that particular mark do heart-breaking damage to your favorite pair of shoes.So be careful where you walk and most important HOW you walk! We don’t want that beautiful red sole disappearing …

So is it worth it?!

I would say “yes”!I mean, personally ,I don’t like every model the “magician” has,but that depends on the taste and you know well- tastes are not to be discussed !

If you really want to see those pieces of art embracing your feet,save some money and choose wisely .You don’t want to waste your money on something super extravagant and that requires a special outfit! I would go for something simple,tasteful..something you can wear everyday ,wearable with mostly of your clothes. 

The nude ones are a good choice; they give that “je ne sais quoi” to your look! 😉

Here is a photo of me and my Loubis 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my first post! xoxo

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