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Casual Look : Shorts and Yellow Blazer

Hello my dear dear readers ! I’m back from my father and another week has started ! My days here are numbered. The summer is always gone and we are preparing ourselves for fall. I must say that I had a wonderful time back home! ^^ This is my outfit for today. Casual look with booties cause it’s a bit chilly these days.

What I wore:

– YSL booties ( similar “to-die-for” version HERE )

– Zara blazer ( alike version HERE )

– YSL clutch ( can buy it HERE )

– Blanco shorts

– F21 top

I must say that when I shop for expensive things ( like my clutch and booties) I pick something that is wearable with many many garments I have. For instance, the clutch, it’s so classic that it will go with every outfit , casual or elegant. It’s a must for your wardrobe ! And plus it will last you a life time, YSL garments being so well made from materials that last forever !

So I hope you enjoyed my post ! 




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