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Can’t be tamed

Hi lovelies,

I’m back with what I like to call a “Miley Cyrus” outfit. Yep, it’s something out of the ordinary, totally cool and a bit sexy, thanks to my God Save Queens loop suit . Matched it with Mr.GUGU& Miss GO  peacock print skirt to give some color to the look, my New Dress cardigan and CNDirect sunnies 

It’s not a simple look that anyone can pull off without the key pieces ! 

I’ll let you check it out and don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your honest opinion 🙂

What I wore:

– GodSaveQueens loop suit ( find it here)

– Mr.GUGU& Miss GO skirt (their selection here)

– Forever 21 sandals

– New Dress cardigan ( find it here)

– Kitsch temporary tattoo henna ( find it here)

– CNDirect sunglasses ( find them here)

– New Look satchel

Hope you like the look, guys ! 😀




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