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Boss babe

Hello everyone,

I hope your week was lovely. Mine passed by so quick, I didn't even had time to update the blog ( I mainly did Instagram this week), but now I am here and catching up ! :)

The first outfit I'd like to share with you is this lovely ensemble I put together from C&A. They have a lot of awesome two piece, suits, ensembles, etc, but sadly in the store I didn't find much but this dress with matching blazer in a beautiful pastel pink.

I always pay attention to what I'm wearing, especially when going to meet people. It's a must, in my opinion, if you want to create a good impression. That and your attitude is what matters most.

Depending on the occasion, I choose my outfit really carefully. For instance if it's like a business meeting to sign a contract, I am wearing my best suit ( or ensemble like this one ):

What I wore:

  • C&A dress, blazer and bag

  • Versus heels

I will be doing a Design & Deco section soon with cool interior design inspo :) stay tuned !




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