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Black Friday wish list

Good evening everyone,

And how are you this fine Monday ? Ok, it wasn't that fine; I just blinked and it was already 8pm. But you know what can still make this day a wonderful day ? Some Black Friday shopping !!!! 🥳🥳

Now I have my items all gathered up in my Notino shopping basket and I'm just waiting to click on the buy button. But then I was like: hum, I should really share with you, my wonderful readers, what I have in my basket because it can be of great value to know what's super cool on the Black Friday deals section ( ok, there are like a million super cool things, but these are the ones that I wanted for myself - you get the idea).


I actually wanted to do a top 3 and not 'bore' you too much, because honestly there are soooo many great deals that I spent literally 4h choosing, but to finish with, I couldn't 'let go' of a product and I'm going to save that one for last :)


I would like to start with the LIFTACTIV Collagen Specialist cream from Vichy, an amazing face cream to have if you want a lifting effect, less wrinkles and more skin elasticity.

I have always been a fan of Vichy face creams and there was a period when I was using only this brand. This one right here I took for my aunt. Yes, you can do your Xmas #gifts starting now and strike great bargains while doing that.


The Smashbox Call Contour palette is something I have been eyeing for quite some time now and I thought this is the right time to buy it.

It's perfect to highlight your face features and also unify your tanned skin ( so great pick for summer time complexion).

Apply the darker shades to the hollow of the cheek and the highlighter to the areas you want to highlight. Apply the lighter shades on the parts of the face that you want to highlight and the darker shades on the parts that you want to optically reduce or hide.

It's magical !


I have heard a lot of good feedback about this highlighting serum with Vitamin C for the face and neck from Delia Cosmetics Professional and I was so curious to test it myself.

I was extremely shocked about the price -it's SO affordable and even so, it's on Black Friday deal, so when I saw it, I knew that this was a sign that I must buy it !

Ok, it's only 10ml, but I have eye contour creams of 15ml for min 10x its price, so I'm taking it ! :)


Last, but certainly not least, my all time favorite powder spray fixing and shape from L'Oréal Professional. I immediately fell in love with this amazing product ever since I first tried it ( about maybe 2 years ago? I'm bad with time). I know it just came out and I was at this masterclass with L'Oréal / Tecni.Art and I did on myself an amazing hairstyle. It was something so amazing to discover and out of all the products showcased there, this one was my absolute favorite. Ever since, I have been buying it on a regular basis. I love to use it when I do my curls, it holds them so good !

Well, that's that !

I hope you all enjoyed my quick article on Black Friday deals and I hope you will be inspired for your next purchase wether if it's for a gift or yourself ! ;)


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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