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Be your own person

Hi everyone,

Wow, I just woke up from a nap ( that turned into an episode of sleep paralysis), so I'm a bit dizzy, but very decided to write a little blogpost before I go up to my room and start painting and organising as well :) ? It's a long day, but I now I have the energy to do all that.

You see, a lot of people always look up to what I have ( or even are jealous of the things that I managed to do), but they forget how much effort and commitment I put into everything. Yes, being a blogger has a lot of perks, but it also means that you are willing to put effort into the things that you do. Creating content doesn't take 5 min; it can take, but then you are not putting effort into it. I worked my way up from lower than the bottom and I think a lot of people don't realise that.

Also, I never wanted kids. It's something that I just never got attracted by ever since I myself was a kid. And people will look at you differently, but it's my choice and I think it's more fair this way than having a kid cause society says so. You have to be your own person, not what society pushes you to be ! I'm not judging people who have kids, so it's only normal that I expect the same. My goal is something else, my goal is to make a difference... Yes, I want to live out of my passion, but I never intend to get rich, that is not my goal. I like that during this small journey that we call life, to actually live nice, to be a nice person, to make a difference there where you can... I like to help people, to guide them, to show them that life isn't about money as a goal, but as an object to have a normal life, not being a slave to them. As I always say: keeping a balance is key! :)

It seems that I woke up very decided on what I'm gonna write ahaha

As usual, I have a little OOTD as well to share with you peeps:










What I wore:

- GANT dress

- Forever 21 clutch

The pictures were shot in #Sardinia , at the hotel where we stood, Castelsardo Beach Resort. I can't wait to share more with you from my travels to Greece and Italy this summer ( I'm happy I was able to do at least that considering the situation).

Wishing you a lovely weekend and stay tuned tomorrow for a new #beauty post !



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